31 PV Projects To Be Built In Colorado School District


Premier Power Renewable Energy Inc., a company that develops, designs, engineers and constructs solar power systems for the commercial, government and utility markets in the U.S. and Europe; REgeneration Finance LLC, a solar developer and financier that works with school districts, universities, municipalities and commercial businesses throughout the U.S.; and the Douglas County School District have announced the development of more than 3 MW of solar projects at 31 different sites, including 30 schools and one athletic stadium. All of the projects will be built in Douglas County, Colo.

The school district has entered into a power purchase agreement with REgeneration Finance, which will own and finance the solar electric generating projects, which will be designed, constructed, operated and maintained by Premier Power.

Premier Power says the project will be built at a cost of $18.3 million at no capital, operational, maintenance, insurance, financing or ownership expense to Douglas County School District taxpayers, and it is estimated this project will save the school district $5.5 million over a 25-year period. Installation will take approximately nine months to complete, Premier Power adds.

SOURCE: Premier Power Renewable Energy Inc.

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