3G Auto Tracking Device For Solar Power Generation Is Released


A China-based technology expert has introduced the 3G auto tracking device for solar power generation. The product is designed to yield a 44% increase in solar panel power output, compared to a fixed photovoltaic system.

The uniquely designed sensor of this system, which won a Chinese patent in 2004, drives an AC/DC motor that intelligently pivots and tilts the PV arrays to face the sun in all directions throughout the day with no weather limitations.

The tracking sensitivity of the product is 0.1 to 2 degrees (adjustable), and the searching scope is within a 180-degree horizontal angle and 90-degree elevation angle. Also, the system consumes less than 1% of the PV output to operate.

The 3G is solely owned by an individual, and the owner is seeking a patent transfer or other forms of partnership with a company or other individuals.

3G: (612) 839-9488


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