3M Launches Two Building-Integrated PV Backsheet Products


3M has introduced Scotchshield Film 15T Black backsheets and 3M EPE Film Black. When utilized in tandem, these products enable a uniform black cosmetic appearance for building-integrated PV (BIPV) systems, according to the company.

The Scotchshield Film 15T Black backsheet uses 3M's existing Scotchshield Film portfolio of backside barrier films. These films provide moisture protection, heat resistance and UV stability in crystalline silicon PV modules. By pigmenting the top surface of the backsheet film, 3M offers a cosmetically appealing alternative to the industrial appearance of standard solar modules, the company says.

Combined with the 3M Scotchshield Film 15T Black during module fabrication, 3M EPE Film Black is used to cover unwanted cosmetic features, such as wiring, to provide the sleek, uniform module appearance that is critical for BIPV and residential applications.

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