3S Industries AG Inaugurates Service And Technology Center


3S Industries AG, formerly known as 3S Swiss Solar Systems AG, has officially opened its new Service & Technology Center in Freiburg, Germany. 3S plans to offer a broad spectrum of services, such as the pilot assembly and certification of modules and training seminars tailored individually to the needs of customers, at the new facility.

3S and its customers will test new cells, soldering bands, EVA foils, backing foils, glass plates and liquids. As a result, customers' production equipment, attuned to high-production volumes, will not need to be refitted and blocked for time-consuming tests.

Additionally, certification, which is handled at the same time as the development of the production line, enables the buyer of a 3S production line to achieve a time advantage of six months or more, the company notes. The certification process for the customer's modules usually takes several months, and the customer can only initiate it once the new production line has been commissioned. 3S, however, certifies the modules at the Service & Technology Center before the production line is installed in the customer's premises.

SOURCE: 3S Industries AG

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