3S Swiss Solar Systems Introduces Skylight For Solar Roofs


3S Swiss Solar Systems has partnered with stebler glashaus ag to present a new skylight for MegaSlate solar roofs. The new skylight is designed to better enable planners, architects and builders opportunities to aesthetically integrate photovoltaics into a building.

The new window, specially developed for the 3S MegaSlate solar roof system, enables the window to be fitted for both an attractive external appearance and a range of options for opening and closing. With an all-glass look, the window fits in perfectly with MegaSlate solar modules arranged in a shingled array, the company says. The window is available in individually adaptable sizes up to 3 meters x 2 meters.

The MegaSlate solar roof system from 3S Swiss Solar Systems is a complete or partial roofing cover, taking the place of standard roof tiles. The product is certified by TUV and has been tested for wind load, snow load and hail endurance.

3S Swiss Solar Systems: 41 032 3911111

SOURCE: 3S Swiss Solar Systems
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