3TIER Develops Solar Prospecting Tool Suite For India


3TIER, a provider of renewable energy information services, has introduced a suite of solar prospecting and assessment products for India. The products are based on 3TIER's proprietary solar data set.

The products enable project developers to quantify the long-term availability and variability of solar resources with or without observational data, 3TIER says.

3TIER's solar data set, which is based on satellite image processing, provides three to 30 times greater resolution than any other data set for India, the company adds. It is based on a longer and more current time frame than other data sets, using hourly satellite images from January 1999 through February 2010.

The process accounts for turbidity caused by pollution, water vapor and other particulate matter, and it accurately records seasonal effects of monsoon activity. The data set has been validated and includes hourly values for global horizontal irradiance, direct normal irradiance and diffuse horizontal irradiance.

3TIER: (206) 325-1573


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