3TIER Forms New Partnerships In Turkey, Israel


3TIER, a provider of renewable energy assessment and forecasting services, has secured partnerships with TNA in Turkey and Clean Electric in Israel.

Under the partnership agreements, both companies now will serve as 3TIER's exclusive authorized resellers within Turkey and Israel. The new relationships combine the complementary skills of each company to increase access to renewable energy assessment and forecasting within these growing markets, 3TIER says.

Israel has revised its initial renewable energy mandate to a more aggressive target of 10% by 2020 and, while traditionally seen as a solar market, recently introduced feed-in-tariffs for utility-scale wind turbines and a quota of 800 MW, the company adds. Turkey has quickly become a key European market due to its extensive wind resources, rapidly growing energy demand and strong policies, including a mandate to reach 20 GW of wind power by 2023, as well as feed-in-tariffs and 10-year power purchase agreement guarantees.

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