3TIER Introduces FirstLook API


Seattle-based 3TIER has released an application programming interface called FirstLook API. This new service provides the technical mechanism and licensing rights for third parties to integrate 3TIER's solar and wind datasets into their own operations and customer experiences.

These scientifically derived datasets were developed as the foundation for 3TIER's FirstLook Prospecting, a free online tool that provides access to initial solar and wind resource data through dynamic, clickable high-resolution maps.

‘FirstLook Prospecting is already the go-to sales tool for residential, commercial and utility-scale renewable energy installers and manufacturers,’ says Kenneth Westrick, CEO and founder of 3TIER. ‘It enables renewable energy companies to better educate their own customers on the value of their on-site wind and solar resources, inform hardware and installation decisions, and calculate returns on investment.’
According to the company, the FirstLook API enables clients to develop personal applications that integrate renewable resource information into tools that facilitate the decision-making process, such as internal and customer-facing sales tools, product selection tools, project design tools and financial modeling tools.

3TIER: (206) 325-1573


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