3TIER Introduces New Line Of Solar Assessment Tools


Seattle-based 3TIER has unveiled a new suite of solar assessment products designed to give utility-scale developers a higher degree of certainty in the availability of solar resources and a more complete picture of the production potential of their projects.

The products provide a 10+ year irradiance data set, calibrated to observational data if available, and include a wind and temperature climatology to give developers a comprehensive, long-term outlook of their operating environment, the company says.

The products are based on 3TIER's 10-plus-year solar irradiance data set. They also leverage 3TIER's expertise in numerical weather prediction modeling. The new offerings also include the option of using observational data to correct biases in the solar irradiance dataset, providing a full 10-year irradiance time-series.

3TIER: (206) 325-1573


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