4JET Introduces New INLINE Laser System For Back-End Thin-Film Applications


4JET Sales+Service GmbH, based in Huckelhoven, Germany, has added a new machine to its portfolio of products for the thin-film photovoltaic industry. The new INLINE systems can be used for laser edge deletion, P4 isoscribes and selective perforation of semitransparent solar panels for building integration. Several of the new systems are currently being delivered to customers in Germany and the U.S.

The INLINE systems can be equipped with several laser technologies and allow full area processing of the entire surface of a solar panel. The compact unit is a co-development of 4JET and Maschinenbau GEROLD GmbH. The unit is suitable to process all standard panel sizes, including G8 formats with 2600 mm-by-2200 mm dimensions.

Glass panels are pre-centered, and their position is measured precisely, the company notes. 4JET's ABC (Automatic Beam Control) beam delivery system allows for compensation for glass warpage and size tolerances of the panels. Depending on the application, the units are equipped with either diode-pumped solid-state or fiber lasers.

4JET: 49 243397540


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