Soltec Partners with Aplitop for Solar Installation Earthwork Efficiency App


Soltec has partnered with Aplitop to develop an application dedicated to improving earthwork task efficiency in photovoltaic solar energy installations.

Dubbed “TcpMDT Photovoltaic Powered by Soltec,” the application is set to be designed as a CAD plugin. Its aim is to streamline execution of earthwork operations, measurements and the relocation of solar trackers in photovoltaic plants, says the company. The tool’s features include terrain analysis, installation design and calculation optimization.

“At Soltec, we understand profitability as a key driver for photovoltaic deployment. Cost savings and increased operational efficiency are part of our commitment to developers as an integrated company,” says Soltec CEO Raúl Morales. “We are excited to take a step further in that direction with Aplitop, continuing to offer market solutions that simplify, save, and drive complex development and installation tasks such as earthworks.”

“Aplitop is committed to innovation and the application of new technologies to sectors with significant growth potential, such as solar energy,” adds Aplitop general manager Francisco Navarrete. “Soltec’s extensive experience and knowledge have allowed us to create software that provides solutions to real problems and achieves significant cost savings. We are delighted to offer this collaboration-derived solution to our international distributors.”

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