6 MW Fischer Road Solar Project Goes Live In Massachusetts


Syncarpha Capital and Pacolet Milliken have announced the completion of Fischer Road Solar, a jointly owned 6 MW project in Dartmouth, Mass.

Fischer Road Solar has approximately 20,000 solar panels and is located on a parcel that also contains cranberry bogs and a composting center. Ameresco Inc., a renewable energy and energy efficiency company with headquarters in Framingham, Mass., constructed the facility in less than six months and will oversee its operations. The Town of Carver and the Silver Lake School District will purchase the energy over the next 20 years.

"Our mission is to own and operate high-quality solar projects that produce clean and affordable energy for Massachusetts residents over the long term for a sustainable future," states Cliff Chapman, managing partner of Syncarpha Capital.

"Our energy division at Pacolet Milliken has two goals: to work with best-in-class partners and to invest in high-quality, long-term renewable energy generation, and we have found both in this solar energy facility," says Rick Webel, president of Pacolet Milliken.

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