ABB Develops Integrated Solar Plant Controller, Smart Grid Interface


Power and automation technology company ABB has introduced a fully integrated solar power generation plant controller and smart grid interface as part of its concentrated photovoltaic (CPV) system. According to the company, the system offers utilities high levels of control for smart-grid management.

Smart grids that allow utilities to manage distributed power generation deliver the benefits of energy sustainability while reducing carbon emissions. However, today's solar plants do not provide the information and control needed by smart grids, ABB says.

The new CPV system, developed in partnership with GreenVolts, features a single point of connection. Operators can control voltage, frequency, real power, reactive power, power factor, and ramp-up rate of generation in order to maximize reliability and efficiency on the network. In addition, operators will have visibility down to the component level of the plant to optimize performance and operations and maintenance costs.

The controller also interacts with the energy meter, transformer and weather station. Because the system is fully integrated, real-time and historic performance data are available for every module, tracker and motor for the extensive plant monitoring, reporting, analysis and control, ABB adds.

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