ABB Robotics Introduces IRB 2600 Robot


ABB Robotics, a supplier of industrial robots, has released the new IRB 2600, the latest model in its medium-capacity range of multipurpose robots. The new IRB 2600 features an optimized compact design, an ultra-wide working range and a payload capacity up to 20 kg, the company says, adding that the IRB 2600 is particularly suited for handling photovoltaic panels measuring up to 810 mm x 1580 mm.

The robot can be floor-, wall-, invert- or shelf-mounted, helping to reduce floor space requirements and increasing access to the equipment being served, ABB notes. Wall-mounting is a new possibility for a robot of this size.

The IRB 2600 also features a compact and lightweight design, featuring a total arm weight of less than 300 kg and occupying less floor space than any other robot in its class, according to the company. This design improves working range and makes it easier for the arm to reach down below its own base, allowing for smaller production cells and furthering the efficient use of valuable manufacturing space.

The IRB 2600 family contains three versions: two short-arm variants (1.65 meters) for 12 kg or 20 kg payloads, and a long arm variant (1.85 meters) with a 12 kg payload.

SOURCE: ABB Robotics

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