Abengoa Solar Completes Solnova 4


Abengoa Solar has begun commercial operation of Solnova 4, a new concentrating solar power plant located at the Solucar Complex in Seville, Spain.

With the rollout of Solnova 4, Abengoa Solar says it has reached a total of 193 MW in commercial operation. Additionally, Abengoa Solar has 350 MW of solar energy currently under construction.

The Solnova 4 plant uses a parabolic-trough technology developed by Abengoa Solar that includes significant design enhancements, the company adds. The Abengoa Solar-developed ASTR� parabolic trough, for example, ensures superior precision due to its design and exclusive construction and alignment process. This plant has the same features as Solnova 1 and 3, the two parabolic trough plants that began operating commercially in May.

SOURCE: Abengoa Solar

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