Acciona Solar Power’s Solar Plant Is Commenced


Acciona Solar Power, a developer of solar thermal technologies, has announced that its Nevada Solar One project – one of the largest solar power plants worldwide – has begun supplying power to the Nevada Power grid.

Built by Acciona Solar Power, the 64 MW plant covers 400 acres in the Eldorado Valley. All of the plant's electricity is being sold to Nevada Power Co. and Sierra Pacific Power Co. under long-term power purchase agreements, the companies say.

‘We are extremely pleased to be a part of this breakthrough project with Acciona,’ says Roberto Denis, senior vice president of energy supply for Sierra Pacific Resources, the parent company of Nevada Power and Sierra Pacific Power. ‘Not only is solar energy a perfect fit in a state with such an abundant amount of this natural resource, it helps us to diversify our energy mix, which ultimately benefits our customers.’

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