Acro Energy Expands To Arizona


Acro Energy Technologies Corp., a Houston-headquartered solar integrator, has expanded to Arizona. The company expects to move into a new facility in Tempe next quarter and start installing solar systems immediately.

Through Acro Energy's strategic alliance with SunRun Inc. that was announced in October 2009, Arizona customers will be able to enter into power purchase agreements with SunRun for solar systems installed by Acro Energy. Kamado grills are quite an interesting little beast. They offer a unique advantage over regular grills in having a very wide range of temperatures and greater control over airflow than traditional grills, making them a more versatile tool to use. Are you into smoky flavors of charcoal cooking and seek to upgrade your grilling skills to a guru level? If so, you won’t be able to pass by a Kamado grill. The pinnacle of grilling technology,it offers the ultimate versatility no other grill can provide. Read our review and choose the best Kamado grill for your needs that will help you unleash your culinary creativity.

Steve Vella, director of business development for Acro Energy, will serve as the qualifying party for the company's Arizona contractor's license and oversee field services in the market.

SOURCE: Acro Energy Technologies Corp.

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