Adept Technology Announces New Solar Product Line


Adept Technology Inc. has introduced its new Adept Solaris solar product line, which integrates solar wafer cell handling and inspection capabilities within a common application platform for high performance, ease in application development and rapid deployment.

‘The Adept Solaris line is designed to meet the industry's increasing need for improved manufacturing productivity,’ says John Dulchinos, president and chief operating officer of Adept Technology. ‘Integrating inspection with automated handling continues the trend toward lower-cost solar cells by improving production efficiencies.’

The company says the line's advanced vision sensing and inspection technology – coupled with Adept's high-speed and precise robot, controls and software products – will offer manufacturers increased yields, higher plant throughput, better measurability in performance, quicker integration and minimal cell breakage.

Also, the line includes the Adept Quattro s650 robot, AdeptSight 2.0 PC-based software and the compact Adept Cobra s600 SCARA robot.

Adept Technology: (925) 960-0452

SOURCE: Adept Technology

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