Advanced Energy Industries Releases 500 kW Solar Inverter


Advanced Energy Industries Inc. (AE) has introduced its newest Solaron offering: a 500 kW, utility-scale, transformerless, grid-tie photovoltaic inverter. Extending the Solaron portfolio beyond inverters for commercial and small-scale utility installations, the 500 kW inverter achieves similar efficiencies as other Solaron models – a 97.5% California Energy Commission-weighted efficiency rating.

In addition to delivering more power per inverter for utility-scale installations, the newest Solaron model delivers high return on investment because multiple Solaron inverters can be routed into a single, medium-voltage station, the company says.

The Solaron 500 kW inverter offers robust controls and patented soft-switching technology, as well as a wide maximum power point tracking window to ensure maximum power processing. Both local and remote communications and control are available via the Solaron IDS integrated data system.

AE: (970) 407-6280Â Â Â


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