Advanced Energy Offering Plant Data Monitoring With Integrated Hardware, Software


Advanced Energy Industries Inc. (AE) has developed a commercial site-monitoring product that combines integrated hardware with a choice of monitoring software providers, including ArgusON, DECK Monitoring, Draker Laboratories, ESA Renewables, Locus Energy and Noveda Technologies.

According to AE, the combined product addresses the strong customer demand for hardware and software flexibility without the troubleshooting, project delays and balance-of-system costs associated with traditional in-field monitoring installations. Factory integration and testing of AE's UL-listed monitoring solution ensures turnkey operation at installation and seamless operation with monitoring software providers, according to the company.

With AE's product, system managers are automatically alerted of events so that they can quickly prioritize and respond, resulting in maximum energy output with minimal expenses. Combined with the company's SiteGuard field services, customers receive a complete solar plant management solution, the company adds.

‘With AE factory-integrated monitoring hardware, a customer can expect to save $2,000 to $5,000 per inverter,’ says Casey Miller, director of solutions marketing for AE Solar Energy.

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