Advanced Energy Unveils New Solar Inverters


Advanced Energy Industries Inc. has announced two of its newest solar inverters: its 1 MW-rated inverter, the AE 1000NX; and its three-phase string inverter, the AE 3TL.

According to the company, the AE 1000NX is a utility-scale solar inverter built to meet the needs of utility and commercial solar project stakeholders. The inverter includes a bipolar 1,000 V system topology, a single engine and cooling system designed for less downtime and better system yield, and a combiner-level PV tie to help system designers reduce overall DC home run wiring costs, the company adds. A UL-certified version of the product is expected to be generally available in the fourth quarter of this year.

The AE 3TL is a three-phase string inverter that can be installed in a distributed architecture throughout a solar array and applied to projects of various sizes, according to the company. The AE 3TL is UL-certified, with a CEC-rated efficiency of 98% and data monitoring options.

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