Advanced Solar Photonics Develops 400-GSM Series Of Photovoltaic Modules


Advanced Solar Photonics LLC (ASP), a Lake Mary, Fla.-headquartered manufacturer of crystalline-silicon solar panels and racking systems, has introduced the Smart Module 400-GSM Series, a frameless, glass-to-glass photovoltaic solar module. The Smart Module 400-GSM uses dual-layered, dual-sided high-transmittance tempered glass that yields a strong, light solar module that is optimal for utility-grade projects, according to the company.

The product also features module-level optimization through embedded DC/DC module controller with an integrated smart junction box; module-level monitoring for seamless detection of defective or underperforming modules; enhanced safety solutions via a system shut-off from the fire suppression system or remotely by an operator; and an improved design that protects semi-conductive wafer materials from impact and flexing while transmitting the majority of sunlight with minimized loss.

The Smart Module technology overcomes energy losses, generating up to 15% more energy than typical solar PV modules while resolving conventional solar system drawbacks, ASP says.

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