Advanced Solar Photonics Develops New Bifacial Glass-Glass Modules


Advanced Solar Photonics LLC (ASP), a Florida-based manufacturer of photovoltaic equipment and provider of turnkey systems, has introduced a monocrystalline bifacial glass-to-glass PV module. The product is composed of 60 bifacial monocrystalline silicon cells with up to 20.5% module efficiency on both sides. The total rated power output of the panel will range from 271 W to 333 W.

The modules, which are manufactured in the U.S., convert direct, radiant and scattered solar energy on both the front and back side of the module. The thinner tempered glass means the light does not travel as far, increasing overall module efficiency by 10% over that of conventional modules, according to the company.

To further increase the efficiency, ASP uses a special holographic material sandwiched between the silicon and EVA layers, maximizing the time per day the modules can generate electricity from the sun.

The modules also have a low temperature coefficient, which allows them to produce more electricity than conventional crystalline silicon solar modules at the same temperature, ASP adds.

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