Advanced Solar Photonics Focusing On ‘Highly Engineered’ Modules


Advanced Solar Photonics LLC (ASP), a manufacturer of photovoltaic (PV) equipment and provider of turnkey alternative energy systems, says it is now focusing its production capacity on highly engineered photovoltaic modules and customized PV applications using glass-to-glass (G2G) and bifacial cell technology.

These specialty PV products include bifacial and G2G modules in 60-cell configurations in both framed and frameless models. These products are designed for a variety of building-integrated photovoltaic applications.

G2G architecture provides dual-sided protection of silicon materials from extreme weather conditions, ASP says, adding that thinner glass ensures less heat, thermal stability, resistance to impact and elimination of micro-fractures. G2G modules are expected to have a usable lifetime of 50 years without danger of mechanical damage or temperature- and humidity-related delamination of the back sheet.

The bifacial dual-sided glass module generates more electricity by converting direct, radiant and scattered solar energy on both the front and the back side of the module. The thinner tempered glass means light does not travel as far, increasing overall module efficiency by 10%, according to ASP.

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