Advanced Solar Photonics Introduces PV Inverter Line


Advanced Solar Photonics (ASP), a PV equipment manufacturer, has launched a series of grid-tied inverters. The units are designed for residential and small-commercial rooftop or ground-mount installations.

The company says the inverters reduce installation time and costs through integration with the combiner box, AC/DC disconnects and wire raceway. This design simplifies service on the unit through a two-piece modular configuration, which allows the wiring box to remain connected and mounted in the event that the power module needs replacing.

The inverter models include 3,800 W, 4,000 W, 5,000 W, 6,000 W and 7,000 W units, all with an operating range of 105 VDC to 500 VDC. The inverters feature a CEC-tested, 97% weighted average efficiency, along with a transformerless design, the company adds.

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