Advanced Solar Photonics Introduces Silicon Solar Panel Dicing And Scribing System


Advanced Solar Photonics (ASP) has released Blackstar, a silicon solar panel dicing and scribing system. Developed as an alternative to mechanical saws, which may damage thin and complex solar cell materials and substrates while cutting, the BlackStar increases the yield per panel and maximizes throughput, while minimizing the heat-affected zone, ASP says.

Designed specifically for solar cells and low-K substrates, this wafer dicing system is used for dicing many semiconductor materials and silicon composites in solar panel production. Utilizing Fantom Wafer Dicing Technology, which was developed by ASP's parent company, Fonon, the BlackStar is highly accurate and 20 times faster than a mechanical saw, according to the company.

‘Not only does the BlackStarT provide precision, accuracy and resolution which mechanical methods are unable to provide, but in addition, using a BlackStar laser system has additional significant advantages over other technologies, such as eliminating the need for cleaning solutions which produce hazardous waste, having a cut edge that is free of stress and the elimination of micro-cracks, fragmentation or chipping,’ says Kristen Bruenig, market manager for ASP.
Advanced Solar Photonics: (407) 829-2613

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