Advanced Solar Photonics Presents Laser Edge Glass


Advanced Solar Photonics (ASP) – a developer of laser equipment for solar panel processing, thin-film solar cells and commercial solar products – has introduced Laser Edge glass, a glass processed using a non-contact method that splits glass and other non-metallic brittle materials on the molecular level.

According to the company, this method provides tremendous speed, no material loss and no chips or other debris associated with conventional scribe and break technology. Cutting glass using the Zero Width Laser Cutting Technology increases the strength and longevity of the glass by creating a controlled micro crack on the molecular level. This micro crack – or scribe line – separates the molecules inside the glass and a breaking machine is used to force the glass to split along the scribe lines.

In solar panels, Laser Edge glass has increased the life of the panels and maintained the integrity of the glass in extreme temperature environments, the company notes. In both of these applications, ASP's Fantom Series can be utilized to process glass panels ranging from G3 to G8 with Laser Edge glass.
Advanced Solar Photonics: (407) 829-2613

SOURCE: Advanced Solar Photonics

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