Advent Solar Introduces Ventura Photovoltaic Technology


Advent Solar Inc. has introduced its Ventura cell-to-module solar architecture: a technology that provides a platform-level design by combining emitter wrap-through back-contact cells with semiconductor device manufacturing methods to create a scalable platform for module manufacturing.

According to the company, Ventura technology will enable Advent Solar to develop solar cells and modules that deliver high energy output by optimizing silicon light capture and improving cell- and module-level connectivity to minimize resistive losses. The architecture provides higher cell-to-module efficiency while using thinner silicon wafers, the company says.

Advent Solar and European partners Enerpoint, MHH Solartechnik and SunConnex have agreed to purchase and distribute Ventura technology to deploy over 250 MW of solar in Europe through 2013.

Advent Solar: (505) 918-3733

SOURCE: Advent Solar

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