AEG Power Solutions Adds Protect PV.800 Solar Inverter


AEG Power Solutions, a manufacturer of power electronic systems and solutions for industrial power supplies and renewable energies, has added an 880 kVA central solar inverter, the Protect PV.800, to its product portfolio.

The Protect PV.800 is able to support up to 1,300 kW, which extends AEG Power Solutions existing range of products for multi-megawatt utility-scale PV systems.

In designing Protect PV.800, the company took into account grid stability issues. The inverter thus offers improved features for the grid connection, such as stabilizing reactive power input in case of load peaks, AEG Power Solutions explains. Fault ride-through capabilities are configurable for voltages and current, and an innovative field programming solution allows for specific customization for all grid codes, the company adds.

Designed for global use, the Protect PV.800 fulfills all requirements in compliance with relevant national standards and guidelines. As with the previous versions, it can also be integrated in the turnkey container solution, TKS-C 1600, enabling a total nominal AC output of 1,600 kVA and connecting to a DC generation capacity of up to 2,600 kWp.

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