AEG Power Solutions Launches Three-Phase String Inverters


AEG Power Solutions, a wholly owned subsidiary of 3W Power Holdings SA, has developed a new solar inverter portfolio that features three-phase string inverters ranging from 10 kVA to 15 kVA.

The transformer-less design yields a maximum efficiency rate of 98% and an EU efficiency rate exceeding 97%, with a maximum input voltage of 1,000 V, the company says. Two maximum power point trackers are used in the 10 kVA units and three in the 12.5 kVA and 15 kVA units; each tracker optimizes the inverter operating point for a 250-to-800 V connected string.

Equipped with eight pre-installed languages and preset grid codes for 17 countries, the units can be used throughout most of Europe, the company says. They are designed with a broad range of functions to stabilize the grid, including power level adjustment, controlled reactive power input and a fault-ride-through function.

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