AEG PS Brings PV Inverter To Market


AEG Power Solutions (AEG PS), a provider of power electronics, has launched its utility-scale ProtectPV.500 inverter in the U.S. market.

Launched in Europe and Asia in April, the Protect PV.500 features an efficiency of more than 98% and flexible grid-management features, the company says. It has an operating direct current input range of 400 V to 1000 V with a maximum DC current of 1,060 A. The rated power at the inverter output contactor is 510 kVA, with a power factor of 0.9 inductive to 0.9 capacitive.

The inverter is also available as part of a fully integrated 1 MW equipment shelter with two Protect PV.500 inverters, communications equipment, MV transformer and switchgear.

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