AEG PS, skytron energy Install 5.8 MW PV Plant In Arizona


Renewable energy power electronics provider AEG Power Solutions (AEG PS) and its subsidiary skytron energy, a monitoring and control solutions company, have announced the deployment of a 5.8 MW commercial PV installation for PPA Partners in Yuma, Ariz. PPA Partners is a renewable energy project development company.

The PV plant covers four individual sites, each divided into multiple sub-sites, and a mix of rooftop, ground, and carport installations.

AEG PS says it supplied its Protect PV.500 inverters. The installation also utilizes AEG PS' MPV.Systems, which features a transformerless modular design that allows up to five inverter modules to be turned on as needed to match the solar power available.

According to AEG PS, skytron provided a complete monitoring, control and supervision package, including its PVGuard control room platform. AEG PS notes that the PVGuard software integrates all four sites into one visualization platform. The installed instrumentation and control system incorporates intelligent string combiner boxes, data loggers, weather and irradiation sensors, and a central power plant controller.

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