Aerial Vehicle To Use Ascent Solar Modules


Ascent Solar Technologies Inc. says that its flexible thin-film photovoltaic modules will be designed into the development of a hybrid unmanned aerial vehicle (H-UAV) called the Silent Sentinel, developed by Bye Aerospace Inc. Although the H-UAV will be designed primarily for military use, its capabilities will also include a broad spectrum of civil applications.

This first-of-its-kind hybrid utilizes stored electric power, thin-film solar photovoltaics and other technologies to enhance its endurance, quiet operations and low emissions, according to Bye Aerospace and Ascent Solar. For primary propulsion, the hybrid UAV will be coupled with an advanced Williams International FJ33 turbofan.

Potential military applications include border patrol, search and rescue, visual and thermal reconnaissance, and forward air control. In addition, potential civil applications include traffic control, pipeline and power line inspection, aerial law enforcement, forest fire detection and aerial photography.

SOURCE: Ascent Solar Technologies Inc.

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