Aerotech Introduces Solar Photovoltaic Panel Scribing System


Aerotech Inc. has released its SolarScribe photovoltaic panel scribing system, which includes both mechanical and air-bearing versions of split-axis and gantry-style systems to accommodate all PV scribing applications.

The company says design elements have been optimized to provide maximum throughput while maintaining tight control of geometric characteristics, such as dynamic straightness. The SolarScribe can include a number of options, including multi-head scan axes, Z and theta correction axes, and machine base/isolation systems.

The system is controlled by Aerotech's Automation 3200 control system – a fully digital architecture that optimizes the current, velocity and position servo loops for maximum performance. Advanced trajectory generation capabilities – such as multi-block look-ahead – minimize dynamic errors, while the company's Position Synchronized Laser Firing Output functionality automatically adjusts the laser pulse frequency to match the scribing speed.

Aerotech: (412) 963-7470

SOURCE: Aerotech

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