AET Enhances Process For Solar Thermal Collector Manufacturing


Alternate Energy Technologies (AET), a manufacturer of solar thermal collectors, has upgraded its welding technology with a Thermatool solid state welder, which requires lower amperage to operate and has an increased energy efficiency rating. The energy conservation provided by the solid state welder will result in a 25% reduction in energy costs.

For the past 13 years, AET has used a Thermatool analog welder, utilizing a forge welding process to produce highly efficient conductivity inside the collector. This high-frequency weld provides strength in the welded joint between the fin and tube of the absorber plate, but the analog welder has an energy efficiency rating of only 60%.

AET says lower operating voltages, less water consumption and simpler maintenance allow the company to continue manufacturing its product via a process that is more energy efficient.

SOURCE: Alternate Energy Technologies

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