AET Launches Rayport-G ECO Solar Ground-Mount Dealer Kit


Applied Energy Technologies (AET), a Michigan-based manufacturer of solar racking systems, has expanded its ECO line of products with its new Rayport-G ECO ground-mount dealer kit.

AET says its network of distributors is fully stocked with the kits – which include pre-engineered drawings for both 60- and 70-cell modules with different array options, as well as materials to provide accurate guidance on the number of posts required based on site-specific wind and snow loads.

According to the company, the dealer kits give installers and engineering, procurement and construction contractors the ease of purchasing right off the shelf for their commercial or residential project needs, saving time and ensuring a quick turnaround.

“Our innovative dealer kits give customers direct access to everything needed for a ground-mount system,” states Aaron Faust, AET’s vice president of business development. “Backed by our expert engineering and high-quality manufacturing, the kits can be easily configured to meet unique project needs.”

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