Agilitas Energy Acquires Another Massachusetts Solar Development Project


Northeastern distributed energy developer Agilitas Energy is acquiring another ground-mount solar photovoltaic and energy storage project under the SMART program, Massachusetts’s solar incentive program, in the Town of Williamsburg, Mass.

This marks Agilitas Energy’s seventh large-scale hybrid solar and battery storage project in Massachusetts. The current system design includes a 6 MW DC solar array coupled with a 2.8 MW/ 6 MWh battery energy storage system.

“We are excited to bring renewable energy and energy storage to yet another town in Massachusetts,” says Barrett Bilotta, president of Agilitas Energy. “By coupling the energy storage system with the solar array, we are now able to utilize the energy production to its fullest, and level-set the intermittent nature of solar energy to ensure more persistent, cost-effective, and cleaner power supply for the local community.”

The project is located on 19.5 acres of land leased from a local landowner. “We are happy to work with Agilitas Energy on the project and bring actual benefits to our community from the otherwise unused land. As business owners, we also look forward to the power expense savings from the community solar program,” states Larry Lashway, president of Lashway Lumber, Inc. and owner of the property on which the solar facility will be built.

Like the rest of Agilitas Energy’s SMART projects, the Williamsburg project also qualifies for community solar, allowing local businesses to receive clean energy and cost-saving benefits without having to install solar systems on their own roofs.

The subscription for the Williamsburg project community solar program will open soon and could bring energy savings to more than 130 local businesses, depending on how much electricity each business consumes. Agilitas Energy’s previous two under-construction SMART projects have both passed the 80% benchmark in community solar subscription.

Four of the Agilitas Energy’s SMART projects totaling 29 MW of solar, and 53 MWh of energy storage are currently under construction. The projects are located in the towns of Auburn, Rochester, Warren and West Brookfield. Agilitas Energy is dedicated to leveraging energy storage to stabilize power supply, provide extra revenue streams for municipalities and landowners, and reduce energy consumption costs for local businesses.

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