Aide Solar Completes UL Eligibility For Modules


Aide Solar says it has received notification from Underwriter Laboratories' (UL) Shanghai office that UL has successfully completed all testing requirements on samples of three different series of the company's 72-cell photovoltaic modules.

Several models of Aide Solar's PV modules are now available in production quantities: Monocrystalline offerings include the 125 mm AD210M5-Aa, AD205M5-Aa, AD200M5-Aa, AD195M5-Aa, AD190M5-Aa and AD185M5-Aa, as well as the 156 mm AD315M6-Aa, AD310M6-Aa, AD305M6-Aa, AD300M6-Aa, AD295M6-Aa, AD290M6-Aa and AD285M6-Aa; and polycrystalline offerings include the 156 mm AD315P6-Aa, AD310P6-Aa, AD305P6-Aa, AD300P6-Aa, AD295P6-Aa, AD290P6-Aa and AD285P6-Aa.

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