Aimtec Releases New Converter With Cold-Weather Capabilities


Aimtec, a provider of modular switching power supplies, has released AM5E-FZ, a new 5 W DC-DC converter for solar inverters and other applications.

According to the company, the AM5E-FZ operates at -55 degrees C to 85 degrees C without derating.

Outdoor temperatures in more than 24 regions across Europe and North America have been known to drop to below -45 degrees C. Under such conditions, many outdoor applications fail simply because one or more of their internal components are not designed to operate below -45 degrees C, the company says.

The AM5E-FZ series offers 21 models with a choice of wide, 2:1 input ranging from 9 VDC to 72 VDC, stepping down to single or dual output ranges of 3.3 VDC to 15 VDC, at efficiency rates as high as 87%.

Other design value features include I/O isolation of 1.5 KVDC, continuous short circuit protection, and overload and voltage protection, all housed in a compact 2’x1′ case that stands only 0.40′ high, Aimtec adds.

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