Air Liquide Electronics To Supply Chemical Delivery Systems To XeroCoat


XeroCoat Inc. has selected Air Liquide Electronics U.S. LP to supply the precision chemical delivery systems for XeroCoat's turnkey anti-reflective coating systems.

This partnership between XeroCoat and Air Liquide Electronics combines XeroCoat's proprietary high-performance anti-reflective coating technology with Air Liquide's global industry presence and chemical delivery and handling design expertise, the companies state.

Targeting both the solar thermal and photovoltaic segments, XeroCoat's anti-reflective coating technology increases the power output of solar systems in a cost-effective manner, according to XeroCoat. Utilizing XeroCoat's coating, solar module makers can expect up to a 3% increase in peak power output and up to a 4% increase in energy produced on a kWh basis.

SOURCE: Xerocoat

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