Akeena Solar Expands Into Orange County


Los Gatos, Calif.-headquartered Akeena Solar Inc., a designer and installer of solar power systems, has opened an office in Orange County, Calif., in response to the growing demand for solar systems in the area.

The new facility is located in Laguna Hills – the company has begun installing solar power systems in residences and small businesses in the region. According to the company, the California Energy Commission says the market for photovoltaic systems in Orange County has been experiencing an average 190% growth rate since 2003.

‘We believe demand in the Orange County area will continue to grow as energy prices continue to spiral upwards, the state government continues to offer economic incentives to 'go solar' and the desire for alternative power sources with a low environmental impact continues to balloon,’ says Barry Cinnamon, Akeena Solar's chief executive officer.

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