Akeena Solar Selected As Livermore’s Preferred Solar Installer


Akeena Solar Inc., a Los Gatos, Calif.-based designer and installer of solar power systems, has been named a preferred installer by the Livermore Solar Electricity Group as part of Livermore's effort to encourage residential solar installations.

‘With energy costs increasing rapidly, we expect numerous homeowners to start looking at installing a solar power system. Our group's goal is to help Livermore homeowners choose reliable and trusted installers,’ explains Tom Reitter, founder of the Livermore Solar Electricity Group and a retired Livermore City Council member. ‘The Livermore Solar Electricity Group, after spending two months investigating solar photovoltaic integrators and financing options, chose Akeena Solar as one of two companies to recommend to Livermore residents. Akeena Solar is a large, high-quality company that sells only high-quality products and services.’

Slated to run through July 31, the program aids homeowners in the solar decision-making process. Akeena Solar says it will assist through working with homeowners to determine whether their roof is suitable for a solar installation, what rebates are available and whom to contact.

The city hopes to model an effective program to other cities in the area, such as Pleasanton, Dublin and San Ramon.

SOURCE: Akeena Solar

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