Akeena Solar Welcomes European Solar Power Delegates


Los Gatos, Calif.-headquartered Akeena Solar has announced plans to open its doors to solar power delegates from the Netherlands, France, Belgium, the United Kingdom and Norway. The six-day trade mission was organized by Solar Plaza in collaboration with the California Solar Energy Industries Association (CALSEIA).

‘We are thrilled to share our knowledge and best practices with our European counterparts. This will be a productive visit for the solar industry,’ says Barry Cinnamon, Akeena Solar's president and CEO. ‘Silicon Valley is becoming once again the center of a booming industry based on silicon. Only this time it's used to generate energy instead of chips inside computers.’

The delegates from Europe will also visit Applied Materials, Sunpower, Miasole and the largest commercial solar power site in Silicon Valley at Google, Akeena Solar adds. For more information about the trade mission, visit www.akeena.net/PVtrademission

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