Akrion, CEA-Liten Collaborate On Heterojunction Solar Cells


Akrion Inc., a supplier of surface preparation equipment, and CEA-Liten, a French public technological research organization, have agreed to collaborate on the development of silicon-based heterojunction solar cells.

Akrion's system will provide pre-deposition surface conditioning for heterojunction solar cells as part of the research program on Liten's technology platform in the French Institute for Solar Energy (INES) in Le Bourget du Lac, France.

By using INES platforms, Liten conducts research on improving the performance of silicon photovoltaic cells by optimizing manufacturing processes and introducing new cell designs based on micro and nanotechnologies.

The agreement is focused on developing a specific heterojunction process to manufacture silicon solar cells with high conversion efficiencies – up to 20% – using a high-productivity process.

SOURCE: Akrion

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