Alanod-Solar Introduces MIRO-Fin Solar Thermal Absorbers


Alanod-Solar, a supplier of reflective and absorptive solar surfaces, has introduced two new solar thermal absorber surfaces for North American flat-plate collector manufacturers. The new mirosol TS and mirosol WP surfaces are black-lacquered selective surfaces on aluminum that will also be available as laser-welded MIRO-Fin absorbers manufactured by Alanod-Westlake.

‘This is a quantum leap forward in technology over the black-paint absorbers used in many collectors in the U.S. today,’ says Andy Sabel, North American market manager for Alanod-Solar. ‘Flat-plate collectors built with Alanod-Solar's new absorbers can economically attain significantly higher levels of efficiency and durability than current collectors.’

Both new surfaces are designed for more rugged applications in higher radiation or DNI areas such as the southwestern U.S. and Hawaii. These new surfaces feature a black selective surface to economically achieve a high level of efficiency and low emissivity, according to Alanod Solar. mirosol TS and mirosol WP are each guaranteed for 10 years.

mirosol TS, specifically designed for high radiation areas, boasts a high level of thermal sensitivity with 90% absorption and 20% emission, the company says. It features a lacquer coating on aluminum, and is insensitive to fingerprints.

mirosol WP has been developed for use in air collectors and along coastal areas with a high resistance to corrosion – even in salt-water environments, Alanod-Solar adds. A lacquer coating on aluminum, it is hydrophobic and insensitive to fingerprints.

Alanod-Solar: (888) 52-76527

SOURCE: Alanod-Solar

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