Alanod Solar Notes Test Results For Sol Gel Lacquer


Alanod Solar, a manufacturer of reflective and absorptive solar surface solutions, says that recent third-party tests have revealed that its Sol Gel protective lacquer significantly improves the durability and performance of its reflective metal surfaces in outdoor applications.

Specifically, testing data showed that its lacquered MIRO-SUN product performs at a level equal to that of glass mirrors in both real-world and lab tests. The company adds that it is building an expanded lacquer coating facility in Ennepetal to meet rising demand for this product.

‘This is a tremendous feat from a technology perspective, and it has significant implications for solar companies and developers,’ explains Andy Sabel, North American market manager for Alanod Solar.

‘Glass had previously been the measure for long-term performance, but third-party testing has shown that our lighter, cheaper and more flexible metal mirrors are now just as durable,’ he continues. ‘This provides a great opportunity for solar companies to create lighter, more modular technologies with the same level of reliability over the life of the system.’

Alanod Solar's protective coating is an inorganic nanotech lacquer (Sol Gel) applied to its MIRO-SUN product, an aluminum surface that has first been anodized and had a highly reflective layer added through a physical vapor deposition (PVD) process. This lacquer is applied to the PVD layer to protect it from external elements.

SOURCE: Alanod Solar

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