Alanod Solar Reaches Shipping Milestone For Solar Thermal Absorptive Surface


Alanod Solar, a manufacturer of reflective and absorptive solar surface solutions, has now shipped 100 million square feet of solar absorptive surfaces worldwide. The company says it has produced and shipped more selective absorbing surfaces for the solar thermal industry than any other company in the world.

In particular, installations in North America by Alanod Solar commercial partners have grown rapidly in the past year, indicating that the market is quickly gaining ground. Alanod Solar expects this accelerated adoption to continue as a result of new incentives and measures outlined in the recent economic stimulus bill.

‘Solar thermal is one of the world's better renewable energy success stories, and as the U.S. begins to migrate its existing infrastructure towards this technology, we will see a tremendous surge in growth,’ says Andy Sabel, North America market manager for Alanod Solar. ‘We are so optimistic about this technology that Alanod Solar has already installed enough production capacity to allow for a doubling of worldwide demand for absorbing surfaces in 2009.’

Alanod Solar uses both aluminum and copper surfaces for its coatings to provide a range of solutions based on the application requirements. The company's aluminum absorber is known as Alanod Solar MIROTHERM, while its copper absorber is called Alanod Solar SUNSELECT.

SOURCE: Alanod Solar

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