AllEarth Renewables Supplies Trackers For 100 kW PV System


Robinson Elementary School, the town of Starksboro, Vt., and AllEarth Renewables Inc., based in Williston, Vt., have partnered to install 25 AllSun Trackers on a field adjacent to the school.

Over the course of a year, the 100 kW photovoltaic array is expected to produce enough electricity to meet 100% of the needs of both the school and the town offices, according to AllEarth Renewables.

The AllSun Tracker is a complete grid-connected solar electric system that consists of photovoltaic panels mounted on poles installed in the ground. The system uses a global positioning system and a dual-axis rotation to keep the solar panels at a perpendicular angle to the sun's rays throughout the day, the company explains.

SOURCE: AllEarth Renewables

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