Alliant Energy Launches Wisconsin Solar Demo Project


Madison, Wis.-based Alliant Energy has launched a solar demonstration project on the grounds of its headquarters.

Phase one of the project includes several ground-level and building-mounted solar panels, solar parking canopies covering nearly 50 parking spaces, 13 electric vehicle charging stations, solar cafe tables and a battery energy storage system. Over 1,000 solar panels will be installed from multiple manufacturers, with 11 different types of panels used in all.

The project will place the solar energy features in various locations and at different angles and elevations on the office property to see how solar can be optimized in the Midwest. Alliant Energy says it will share the experience gained from constructing, operating and maintaining the structures. The company is collaborating with the Electric Power Research Institute to collect and analyze site data.

The initial project investment is expected to be approximately $5 million.

"This multiyear effort will enable our company and our customers to discover the many ways solar energy and renewable technology can be used in a Wisconsin setting," says John Larsen, president of Alliant Energy's Wisconsin utility.

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