AlsoEnergy Unveils PowerPortal For Community Solar Projects


AlsoEnergy, a Colorado-based solar monitoring solutions provider, has announced its new PowerPortal displays for community solar projects.

The company says it designed PowerPortal to provide flexible display options for today’s community solar projects. As AlsoEnergy explains, these projects, sometimes called solar gardens, are commercial-sized arrays that provide shared access to solar power for multiple electricity customers. In this way, commercial and residential end users who are not able to install a rooftop array can benefit from solar power resources.

Solar monitoring technology has been challenged to create displays and reports reflecting the complex mix of users and financial contracts in community solar projects. Generally speaking, AlsoEnergy adds, monitoring applications are built to give customers access to data from a full site, not fractional allocations within a site. The problem is further complicated when one end user may be receiving power from several allocations, or when a single power purchase agreement (PPA) reseller must manage multiple customer allocations.

AlsoEnergy says its Web-based end-user display gives access to real-time production data and financial calculations for allocations within community solar projects. End users see data for their own allocations only; they cannot access data for other allocations associated with the garden.

For end users and PPAs with multiple allocations, PowerPortal makes it possible to group designated allocations into single overview displays (rather than looking at each allocation individually). The company says the PowerPortal displays can also show complete balance sheets for grouped allocations with varying time-of-use rate sheet calculations, as well as can keep track of different contract start and end dates.

For those companies developing or managing community solar projects, PowerPortal offers the opportunity to customize displays with their own branding. PowerPortal displays may be paired with either of the base monitoring platforms from AlsoEnergy: PowerTrack or DECK Monitoring.

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